Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory



The Vision Culture Lectures (also the ‘VC Lectures’) are an innovative community initiative providing a platform for exchanges between curators, artists, critics, architects and cultural thought-leaders from Asia and the West, for the benefit of all audiences, organised at SGFA’s Gallery Residence.


This non-profit series promotes these international dialogues and seeks to inform and engage audiences on a variety of multi- disciplinary topics, including: art and design practices, museum/curatorial specialties, critical review, architecture and environment.


The program has grown to incorporate as relevant: (1) artists’ portfolio reviews, (where the artists meet the curators to have the unique opportunity for work review and discussion); (2) curatorial workshops, led by the guest curator for local curators; (3) lectures/talks/seminars at local educational institutions; and often, (4) dinner with museum directors/curators, collectors and other local art luminaries. Participants are also introduced to local institutions of interest.


Strong press coverage, (print, radio, tv, digital), of the segments has provided extensive reach and impact, in addition to a dedicated public access and planned publication of the lectures.


The Vision Culture Lectures launched in January 2010 with the endorsement of the UNESCO Observatory and UNESCO published a selection of contributions by the speakers as its Arts in Asia Issue.