CONCEPT STUDIO Design platform to feature the handmade.
GALLERY WEEKEND KUALA LUMPUR Pivotal, annual cultural marquee platform for feature of leading visual arts, design and architecture.
VISION CULTURE LECTURES UNESCO OBSERVATORY endorsed public talks. 2011- 2016
EXPLORING EAST RESIDENCY Introductory exposure to arts and culture management for university students and new graduates, with added advantage of living abroad and opportunity to explore Southeast Asia.
VISION CULTURE ARTIST RESIDENCY Program to develop artistic interactions and career through cultural encounter with Southeast Asia.
PavilionNOW Design project celebrating Malaysian architecture talent.
BAMBOO² 2016 Sound & Light Project Multimedia on site installation, featuring sound piece, 'Pools,' by NZ artist Paul Timings, light by Contrast Studio and Bamboo Pavilion by Jade Q. Saw Architect.
DESIGNER GLAZE 2015 Collaborative Ceramic Installation to facilitate understanding of site specific feature and new study of materials.
VERY IMAGE 2016 Exhibition Project featuring established Taiwanese contemporary practitioners, supported by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
BRIAN ROBINSON 2014 Exhibition and Lecture module featuring established artist. Supported by Australian High Commission, Queensland Government & UNESCO Observatory.
ELCHO ISLAND Exhibition and Lecture module featuring established aboriginal artists, curated by Dr. Susan Cochrane. Supported by Australian High Commission and Australian Arts Council.
SRI LANKAN MODERN & GROUP of ’43 Representing important generational collections with focus on these artists. SIR ROY CALNE Representing one of the largest collections of works in a variety of mediums.
BEST OF BRITISH BRAND & DESIGN WILLIAM & SON Project for brand introduction and bespoke feature to SE Asian audiences through curated exhibitions, 2013 & 2014.
ART HUG Interactive module for development through creative engagement. 2011 - Present
Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Advisory