Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
Sound Art PAUL TIMINGS b.1982 New Zealand New Zealand sound artist Paul Timings’ work is about the totality of the sound and individual engagement with sound. Recordings of ambient sounds (e.g. of a pool of water in Christchurch, of construction noises post-earthquake, of songs of Kelantanese Dikir Barat), are laced together to build a digital algorithm from which Timings creates his soundscapes – richly melodic, balanced, natural and other worldly. Timings hopes that ‘in the same way you might see colours in a landscape, you can see sounds in a soundscape’. He has encouraged this cross-modal interaction by making his work a kinaesthetic experience for his audience. Using levers and controls, they are able to alter the volume, tempo , and spatialisation of his piece, essentially interact with it. Timings was the recipient of an Asia NZ Foundation award for a three month Vision Culture Artist Residency at Shalini Ganendra Fine Art, during which time he travelled throughout Peninsular Malaysia to create soundscapes that will continue to be developed in years to come. Recent Exhibitions and Performances 2015 Pools and other recordings, SGFA, Malaysia KL Soundscapes, the Auricle, New Zealand Lines of Flight, Dunedin, New Zealand Soundscapes by Paul Timings: SGFA Opening – KL Soundscapes I POOLS 1 POOLS 2