Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
2013 Curating New Frontiers: Asia and the Guggenheim, SANDHINI PODDAR (USA: Guggenheim Adjunct Curator) December 4 – 7, 2013 Sandhini Poddar, Adjunct Curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, works on special projects in New York and Abu Dhabi. She was formerly Associate Curator of Asian Art at the Guggenheim where she was responsible for global exhibitions, acquisitions, and scholarship on modern and contemporary Asian art for the Guggenheim’s international network of museums. She curated Anish Kapoor: Memory and Being Singular Plural for Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, organised the Guggenheim’s presentation of Zarina: Paper Like Skin, and served on the curatorial teams for the exhibitions, Cai Guo Qiang: I Want to Believe, The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989 and Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity. Her VC Lecture covered the Guggenheim’s exhibition and collecting views on Asia. The Art of Giving, (UK – Artist & Surgeon) May 7, 2013 Sir Roy Calne’s medical expertise is legendary, having been twice nominated for the Nobel and most recently receiving the Lasker Award. As a pioneer in the organ transplant field, he developed and performed landmark surgical procedures, and developed the immunosuppressant drug, Cyclosplorine. As an artist, he has developed his skill in painting, drawing and sculpture, constantly challenging himself with new views and methodology. His work has been included in exhibitions at the Barbican Gallery, Royal Academy and throughout the world. Painting and sculpture have, at times, worked symbiotically with his medical interest, but also exist quite separately to the medical practice. On May 7th Sir Roy Calne addressed an audience at Prince Court Medical Centre on the subject of scepticism in both the arts and in science, the focus of a new set of essays co-edited by Sir Roy in the collection Scepticism: Hero and Villain. Sir Roy talked of the scepticism in the international medical community, drawing on his experiences of being discouraged from his own ground-breaking research into transplant surgery by those around him who did not share his conviction and perseverance. Alluding to the title of his exhibition at SGFA, Sir Roy described the art of giving an organ as an illustration of humanity’s generosity and counterbalance to our inherent scepticism. Curating Contemporary Art in the 21st Century Museum, KELLY GELLATLY February 28, 2013 Kelly Gellatly is Curator of Contemporary Art (Australian and International) at National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Since taking up the role in 2003, she has been responsible for building the Gallery’s collection of contemporary painting, sculpture, installation, video and (Australian) decorative arts and has curated numerous exhibitions including the NGV’s major surveys of the work of Rosalie Gascoigne (2008) and Gordon Bennett (2007). She has published widely. Drawing on the speaker’s ten years of experience as Curator of Contemporary Art at Australia’s oldest and largest encyclopaedic museum, the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, this lecture investigates some of the challenges faced by curators and artists alike as the museum changes to accommodate the expectations of its diverse audiences, and to remain of interest – and relevant. At a time in which almost any activity can be called ‘curating’, just what does it mean to work in and hopefully, make a contribution, in this very specific context? SIR ROY CALNE