Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
MOK YEE b.1988 Malaysia Working with sculpture, etching, painting, music, and installations, Mok Yee prefers a flexible interpretation of his title as artist. Blending the boundaries between sculpture, installation, and illustration, his work is still bound by the artistic concept that Mok Yee adopts: a reflection of personal experience his own political and cultural background conveyed through re-purposing and re-constructing objects in an elegant manner. Mok draws inspiration from his own experiences, but does not believe his work should adhere to its strict, original interpretation. In that sense, he denies being a conceptual artist, ensuring that his art contains a universal and distinct appeal available at first glance. To spark visual interest, Mok methodically selects his materials with viewer knowledge in mind.
Wave, 2014 Light reflectors (aluminum)
You feed, I eat, 2012 Etching on aluminum, transfer print on plastic hose, wood 160 x 60 x 85 cm