Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
MINSTREL KUIK b. 1976 Malaysia Award winning artist, Minstrel Kuik, like many Chinese Malaysian students, was ‘exported’ to Taiwan for university due to the racial quotas restricting Malaysian university access. After her painting degree, she emigrated to France graduating from the Arles School of Photography in 2006. Driven by a desire to understand, deconstruct and reinvent the notions of the family home, cultural identity and photographic expression, Kuik bases her work on her family and hometown, with no affinity for any particular photographic tradition. She incorporates various approaches and attaches great importance to editing her images through an organic, thoughtful process. At times diary-like, at other times more deliberately composed; her images are all packed with references. Raw fish and tropical fruit are photographed as ‘found’ installations and reveal links between sculpture and photography. Her work reflects her own alienation regarding her roots, as she distances herself from societal expectations of her position as a woman, teacher and artist.