Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory

SGFA manages the purpose built, award winning Gallery Residence.


Opened in January 2011, Gallery Residence is a tangible symbol of SGFA’s commitment to design and innovation, which provides an ideal space to showcase and nurture talent through exhibition, projects, and research.


Gallery Residence is the venue of choice for exhibitions with its quality ventilation and steady temperature. It also hosts bespoke functions such as dinners, cocktails, fashion features, and exclusive weddings.  Please Contact Us for further inquiry.




This inspiring building is at the forefront of modern architectural style boasting effective design for green living.


Gallery Residence was designed by architectural luminary Ken Yeang in collaboration with Shalini Ganendra as an exhibition space that embraces aesthetic and conceptual innovation in line with contemporary art thought. Gallery Residence presents unique green features including a wind catcher, bioswales, and turf ramps.  Resident artists and management are accommodated within the building in suitable living and work spaces.


The interior galleries have Rio LED track lighting which accurately shows the artwork, creates a comfortable and elegant atmosphere while being energy efficient.  Outdoor lighting is a mixture of LED and Solar, which was selected and placed to emphasize building design, outdoor installations, and landscaping features.


Gallery Residence was one of the first projects in Malaysia to receive Green Building certification and won a PAM (Architects) Excellence Award in 2011. The space has been nominated twice for the Aga Khan Architecture Award.



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