Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
ERIC PERIS b.1939 Malaysia Eric Peris is one of South East Asia’s foremost photographers, who is best known for his evocative, monochrome landscapes. He often hand tints works, thereby combining his painterly and photographic aesthetics. Born in Johor, Peris studied physics at the University of Singapore, but throughout his life he studied art under his father, the Royal Artist of Johor, and later taught himself the art of Photography. Peris’ background in Physics has contributed to his artistic aesthetic, as he used his study to look at his subjects through different angles. Now in his 70s, Peris’ lifetime of work covers a wide range of subject matter, however throughout all his art spirituality, poetry and nature permeates. Buddhism is central to Peris’ work, and his stills often capture aspects of his faith – nothing is permanent. His work captures the fleeting nature of life itself, and the impermanence of both nature and manmade structures. Moreover, Buddhism teaches one never to accept things at face value, and Peris uses his work to question the world around him. Peris’ work is characterised by his evocative, hauntingly beautiful landscapes, underpinned by the tension between natural and man-made elements.
Limestone Cliffs in a Mining Pool, 2012 C-Print 45 x 68 cm
Santara series Pine needles, acorns and sand Handcoloured, unique print