Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
DRUVINKA b.1971 Sri Lanka Druvinka, painter and printmaker, trained in Santiniketan where she received a First Class in the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her work has been exhibited extensively in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and throughout Europe, where she has a loyal collector base. Druvinka has successfully and uniquely adapted the ancient tempera technique used in Indian miniature painting to a contemporary format. Working with acrylic washes, bamboo paper and canvas/cloth, she incorporates symbols of the psyche such as lingam, circles, buds and silhouettes. Professor S.B. Dissanayake, art critic, comments: “Druvinka’s art is a self-generated, self-propelled aesthetic… It is a total gallery of experience for viewers. They do not meditate on these pictures individually. They go home to think about them. First of all, the technical accomplishments, then on the subject matter… The figures are among shadows united by feelings of isolation. They exude a sense of being brought on to a stage, to a suspended reality in a state of weightlessness, fumbling for something archetypal.” “One of the essential features in modern art has been the attempt by various and often contradictory means to deepen and clarify the creative act which had become obscured and stifled by tradition. My work displays freedom through colour, form, line and symbols. Whether I open or close my eyes to the outside work, I do not draw a single line or brush stroke without striking a deep chord with the reality of nature and its earliest beginnings.” Druvinka