The Concept Studio (CS) extends the ethos of living with art to include distinct collectibles ranging from contemporary furnishing to craft collectibles, in support of community and social enterprise.


Featuring natural materials with bespoke elegance, the CS features commissioned textiles and rattan weaves with natural pigment dyes; jewellery sourced from various sources including by jewellers in Murano and East Malaysian villages; wonderfully woven household favours such as food covers and trays.


Below are some of the items, with more to discover when you visit Gallery Residence.  (International buyers, please quote reference and location for delivery.)



Quality Handmade.  Affordable Luxury.

Wearable Art & Accessories

(Note - Prices for international purchase.)



Clutches, purses & pouches


Scarves & Shawls




(Note - Prices for international purchase.)


Bowls & Plates

Boxes & Baskets

Cushions & Pillows

Trays & Food covers


Handwoven Indigo Cotton Scarf


USD 30.00

Woven Box, Mengkuang


USD 40.00


Ribu Ribu Tray


USD 30.00

Handpainted Decoration


USD 5.00

Natural Pigment Plate, Ganit Nyato


USD 50.00