Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
The Red Book (Detail) Ink on paper, 7 sheets
CLAUDIA CANNIZZARO New York Claudia Cannizzaro, an artist based in New York, works in mixed media, including paper, fabric, embroidery. She was the first resident artist in Shalini Ganendra Fine Art’s Vision Culture Art Residency and during the 3 month period explored textile traditions of Malaysia, incorporating elements into her work. Cannizzaro says of her interest in textile art: “Since my early paintings in the mid 90s, I never used stretchers or frames and always conceived my paintings as, first and foremost, a manipulated piece of fabric… Inevitably, my paintings soon took a sculptural existence, in which I treated them as three dimensional objects, altering their form depending on the exhibition space. The juxtaposing of textile and popular topics is of great interest to me. I want to weave together traditions, symbols, and contemporary issues. In times where we can practically live our lives “virtually”, online, accompanied by high technology, fast planes and iPhone apps, I felt a strong desire to reconnect with the physicality of art making, through a medium that requires a lot of my time, allowing me to go deep into my subjects.” Cannizzaro has been exhibiting since 1994, and most recently at Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY (2011), Five Myles, Brooklyn, NY (2011), Under Minerva, Brooklyn, NY (2009) Galleria Spazio A, Pistoia, Italy (2007), Centro Cultural São Paolo, Brazil (2006), Torreão, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2006); HDC Gallery, New York, NY (2004), and the Philomatean Society of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (2001). During Cannizzaro’s VC Residency, she interacted with numerous art and cultural personalities, including traditional textile artists in Kelantan. Based on this exploration, she developed a performance piece, the first in her career, which was presented at SGFA at the conclusion of the VC Art Residency. PEOPLE FIRST, PERFORMANCE NOW
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