Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
CHAW EI THEIN b. 1969 Myanmar Chaw Ei Thein, painter and conceptual/performance artist, engages with the global art scene as a candid commentator on the contradictions and conflicts of her native socio-political environment. Her feminist approach to art is both gracious and frank, earning her recognition as one of the most important contemporary artists to emerge from Myanmar. She fled Myanmar after a period of incarceration in jail for a performance piece, and was awarded political asylum in the USA in 2009. “I am always thinking about my country, about brutality, and about how I lived under that system. Sometimes I really want to escape from those things, escape from myself. But whenever I try to create something, all those related issues come up.” The recipient of the Elizabeth J McCormack and Jerome I. Aaron fellowship in connection with the Asian Cultural Council, New York, she has lectured and exhibited extensively in and outside of Myanmar. Her numerous and notable achievements include participation in the Singapore Biennial 2008, Open Studios Exhibitions 2009, International Studio and Curators Program in New York as well as several performance works with Htein Lin in Myanmar and at Asia House, London. SGFA exclusively represents the Camouflage Series, through which Chaw Ei Thein adeptly shares commentary, culture and aspiration, painted on the iconic Buddha statues and camouflage fabric as paintings – all in camouflage.