Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory


ART HUG is an SGFA initiative inspired by the idea of a child, to create an art programme just for children. ART HUG aims to: (1) provide productive use of time, so a child never feels alone or neglected, (2) support positive personal development and curiosity and (3) build confidence – all through accessible creativity and expression. Groups of children, (ages 8 – 12 years) participate in the program, for free.


Through ART HUG, children are introduced to exciting perspectives on art practises and contemporary art movements. They participate in discussions on the relevance of art for individual and community. ART HUG allows them to explore the world colourfully, nurturing empowerment and confidence.


The classes themselves are often taken by the artist or artists currently involved in exhibition or residence work, meaning that attendance is rewarded with exposure to a wide range of artistic styles.

ART HUG with PavilionNOW – Shadow Garden, 2016


The SGFA Team lead children of Orion Homes, in an adventure to explore the Shadow Garden Pavilion.  Teams drew, designed, learned about timber types and herbs (ulams), and the processes to build.

ART HUG with Ru Yi Tan – The Stars Look so Different, 2016


Renowned materials artist, Ru Yi Tan, lead an Art Hug Session for all, to explore sculpture and constructs using luminous Japanese clothes pins.  The process of creating durable structures proved to be challenging, fun, and engaging!

ART HUG with GREEN TO GO Design Team


Fifteen ‘Red Angels’ from the Budimas Orion Home interacted with the SGFA team that included 30 studens from the Taylor’s University Design Program, for an invigorating afternoon that included: a design tour of landscape architecture installations at SGFA; green education generally and on local herbal horticulture; a drawing session; and planting a kitchen garden.


The Red Angels with the help of Taylor’s students, added newly planted local herbs to the green design structures. They drew favourite herbs from the selection. The SGFA team also worked with the kids to pot plants for their own kitchen garden- a new and exciting project in their home. Nature and Nurture.


Awakening environmental consciousness is an enjoyable aspect of the gallery’s Green Agenda, and an integral part of SGFA’s GREEN TO GO program.

ART HUG with KELLY GELLATLY – Curating Contemporary Art in the 21st Century Museum March 2, 2013


Renowned Australian curator, Kelly Gellatly of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (NGV), spoke to a lively group of art enthusiasts, discussing the developing roles of curators in context of museum shows and presentation of contemporary art. She reflected upon the technical and aesthetic challenges faced when preparing a space for any exhibition, “stage managing an exhibition”.


The presentation included wonderful visuals of her curated shows at the NGV, including her most recent, ‘‘RALLY’’ (A contemporary Indonesian Art Exhibit at the National Gallery Victoria, Australia).


Guests asked numerous questions. Lunch followed, during which time Kelly continued to chat with all about their interests, collections, and art preferences.

ART HUG with GREGORY BURGESS – Participatory Design – December 7, 2012



The ART HUG series welcomed architect luminary, Gregory Burgess, and guests, to an intimate lunch gathering to discuss matters of socially-responsive architecture, and conscious design.


Guests were treated to a rare glimpse into the inner workings of Burgess’s practice- from his numerous community projects to the step-by-step process of planning through to construction. Above all, guests were struck by the cathartic and redemptive qualities that architecture, and in particular Burgess’s work, can inspire within a community. After an overview of his career, (e.g. Burgess was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia last year), guests were invited to lunch with the architect, musing over the interweaving of art and architectural practice.





GREGORY BURGESS, Intelligent Design,The Edge, 2013 (1)

ART HUG with KELLY GELLATLY – Curating Contemporary Art in the 21st Century Museum March 2, 2013


The Art Hug series of events, held in association with Standard Chartered Bank, was a distinctly sophisticated and unique affair in October, as a ladies brunch offered some very stylish women an opportunity to discuss the art of textile, with luminary, Carol Cassidy.


Guests were treated to a fascinating overview of Cassidy’s career – from her pioneering work creating such a successful social enterprise and involvement in preserving traditional handicrafts and techniques, to her work with haute couture interior design clients (such as Louis Vuitton and Valentino), and ofcourse, the colourful technicalities of working at a loom. The valuable insight into such beautiful items and Carol’s passion for this gorgeous profession created an atmosphere of excitement. After a tour of the exhibition pieces ranging from intricate traditional Laotian designs to startling contemporary shawls, guests settled down to a light lunch and modelling! Handwoven, hand-dyed, and pure silk.

ART HUG WITH CHIN KON YIT – How We Live, September 8th, 2012

A fascinated group of 6 – 13 year olds were lucky enough to learn about the work of eminent watercolourist Chin Kon Yit from the man himself in our most recent ART HUG workshop. In his talk, Chin Kon Yit got us thinking about how we live now, what Malaysian architecture and heritage means to us, and how tricky it can be to draw buildings accurately!


After talking to Chin Kon Yit about how he works, participants had great fun drawing how we live themselves, with some impressively accurate work and some more imaginative interpretations of the theme.

ART HUG WITH MICHIKO KASAHARA – Photography, June 16, 2012

Michiko Kasahara led an ART HUG group of budding photographers (ages 8 years – 15 years). They viewed images from numerous exhibitions organized by Michiko, engaging in an on going dialogue about photography, the image, art and society.

A big thank you to Standard Charted for this invitation to go to Art Hug. Art Hug was very fun and the gallery had so many colorful pictures. I like colorful pictures because they make places look very bright. The chance to take pictures on my own was very exciting. I think everyone there was helpful and happy because I always saw them smiling. I chose these pictures I’m sending with my daddy I hope you like them:):):)

Photographs by Gaia:

Thank you very much for having me at your Art Hug session. It was really fun to learn how every piece of art has a story behind it. You aced me to send you 3 pics that I really like and these are it. The theme of these pictures is colour even though one of them is in black and white but my favorite thing to shoot is flowers and nature. Thank you so much for having me – I had a real great time!!!


Sasha, 13 years

Photographs by Sasha: